Aramco Team Series continues to nurture grassroots women's golf stateside with Girls On The Green Tee

26 March 2024

Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF’s collaboration with Girls on the Green Tee (GOTGT) continues to make a lasting impact on grassroots sports

While the Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF has bid farewell to the Sunshine State after Germany’s Alexandra Forsterling secured victory earlier this month, its influence on local grassroots sports remains. 

The Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF proudly announces its ongoing collaboration with Girls on the Green Tee (GOTGT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering inclusivity and diversity in golf, particularly among women and girls from under-represented communities. 

Over the past four years, this partnership has been instrumental in empowering local women and girls by providing access to golf programs, clinics, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to the professional golfing world.  

The Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF enhances its message of #SEETheImpact at every event, looking to foster a positive Social, Economic and Environmental impact in the local community. 

The tournament is committed to using the game of golf to encourage more women and girls to partake, driving accessibility and inclusivity into a sport known for participation barriers especially amongst women and girls within low socio-economic groups and inner-city areas. 

Through event exposure and generous donations of up to $30,000, the Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF has helped GOTGT to having a positive impact on over 410 women and girls, exposing them to various golf programs and initiatives.  

GOTGT has played a pivotal role at each Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF event in the US, providing young girls with the chance to witness world-class golfers in action and offering them inspirational experiences and mentorship opportunities. Last year saw GOTGT undertake a clinic with golf legend Gary Player in West Palm Beach.

Founder of Girls on the Green Tee, Clemmie Perry, expressed her gratitude for the partnership, stating, "The impact of our partnership with the Aramco Team Series for the girls has been phenomenal. We brought two high school girls, who played in the Pro-Am, and it was beyond what they had ever expected.” 

“We're pleased to continue this partnership with the Aramco Team Series to provide students with the opportunity to experience a tournament of this scale." 

The collaboration has facilitated various initiatives aimed at breaking down barriers and providing access to golf for women and girls. GOTGT has introduced Girls Golf training programs at local elementary schools, implemented training programs at community development centers, established college mentorship programs, and participated in outreach activities and demonstrations in the local community. 

Founder Clemmie Perry emphasized the significance of breaking down barriers to the sport, stating, "The big barriers to girls in golf are the opportunities. What we've been doing with the Aramco Team Series is breaking down that barrier and giving access.  

“The second way to break a barrier is opening the door to provide access to clinics, the operations, and what goes on behind the scenes. This gives them a view of the world that is new and universal." 

As part of their commitment to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in golf this year, the Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF and Girls on the Green Tee have made significant contributions to Middleton High School's budding golf program.  

Five sets of clubs and branded golf bags will be donated to the school, facilitating the launch of the 2024 golf season with the expansion of the team’s growth. This donation not only equips the newly formed team with the necessary gear but also signifies the ongoing efforts of GOTGT and the Aramco Team Series Presented by PIF’s to promote the sport among young women.  

Additionally, further donations of clubs will be extended to GOTGT, enabling the charity to continue its impactful work within the local community, particularly focusing on under-represented groups and those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. 

Both organizations remain committed to driving global awareness about women's golf, advocating for change, and providing greater opportunities for the next generation of women and girls in the sport and industry. 

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