• ATS says hello to Seoul
    Our trophy had a fantastic day out exploring Seoul
  • Closest to the Pin
    Closest to the Pin Challenge with Bronte Law, Marianne Skaprnord & Pauline Roussin
  • A Day in the Life - Anne Van Dam
    Follow Anne Van Dam for a day in Seoul
  • Stadium Golf: USA vs Europe
    On the night of The Draft, the stars came to play
  • ATS Says Hello to Tampa
    Our trophy has itself a great day out in Tampa
  • International Women's Day
    Celebrating and Inspiring women is always at the heart of ATS
  • Walk & Talk: Gabs Cowley
    Gabs squared discuss all things golf and football
  • Shot Shaping
    How to shape your shots with Troy Mullins
  • How to Bomb It
    Troy Mullins teaches us how to bomb it
  • Swing Plane
    Troy Mullins explains the swing plane
  • In The Studio: Pauline Roussin Bouchard
    Pauline Roussin Bouchard adapting her game to New Korea Country Club
  • In The Studio: Anne Van Dam
    How to gain distance with Anne Van Dam
  • In The Studio: Bronte Law
    Bronte takes us through her rigorous off season preparation
  • Inspire the Next Generation
    Two aspiring golfers meet and learn from Nelly Korda
  • Birdie the 12th at Centurion
    Seb Carmichael-Brown gives his local insight into Centurion's signature hole
  • Swing Analysis: Nathan Massey
    Rachel Drummond helps Love Island star, Nathan Massey with his swing
  • In The Studio: Rose Zhang
    Zhang provides an insight into her rapid rise in the game and her great golf swing
  • In the Studio: Gabs Cowley
    Cowley walks through how she would make birdie on 18 at Hong Kong Golf Club
  • In The studio: Mia Baker
    Mia joins Rachel for the second time as she continues to work on her swing
  • In the studio: Chiara Noja
    Chiara reminisces on her maiden win and talks through her powerful swing
  • Riyadh: Day 1 Wrap Up
    Rachel Drummond analyses the best of the day's play
  • In the Studio: Alison Lee
    Alison Lee reflects on her historic opening two rounds in Riyadh
  • In The Studio: Chloe Williams
    Chloe walks through the value of her pre-shot routine
  • Quarter-Final 1
    Team WillNord vs Team DimLey
  • Quarter-Final 2
    Team BronSen vs Team DamCow
  • Quarter-Final 3
    Team WeaLee vs Team CarCar
  • Quarter-Final 4
    Team Stephson vs Team Bouja
  • Semi-Final 1
    Team DIMLEY vs Team BRONALL
  • Semi-Final 2
    Team CARCAR vs Team STEPHSON
  • Women in Business
    In Singapore, a panel of successful women came together to discuss their success in the sports industry.
  • Mental State of a Winner
    In Florida, our expert panel sat down to discuss the mental state of a winner on and off the course
  • Inspire the Next Generation
    In London, our panel sat down to discuss how we can inspire the next generation of sportspeople
  • Energy Meter: Explained
    Learn more on how the Energy Meter Works
  • Something Fun to Play With
    Emily Pedersen and Bronte Law battle it out...
  • Kyle Vs Lexi
    Lexi takes on World Long Drive Champion, Kyle Berkshire
  • Beat the Berkshire
    Can anyone in the pro-am beat Kyle Berkshire on The Energy Meter?
  • Seb Carmichael-Brown
    How does a Centurion Club Champion fare on the Energy Meter?
  • NYC 2022
    The story of three great, young golfers earning their spot in the field
  • SGP 2023
    Anne Fernandez walks through a great week for her and eight others
  • LDN 2023
    Megan Dennis talks through her special experiences at Centurion Club
  • Lydia Ko and Danielle Kang
    Hear from two of the world's best as Mia Baker gets the inside scoop
  • Olivia Cowan and Anne Van Dam
    Listen along as two best friends recall some of their best and worst times on tour
  • Chiara Noja
    HOW do you cope with the pressure of professional golf as a 16 year old?
  • Isabella Deilert
    HOW do you manage the cost of playing professional golf?
  • Liz Young
    How do you balance motherhood and professional golf?
  • Nicole Garcia
    HOW do you overcome the adversity of a major injury?
  • Lydia Hall
    HOW do you manage the welfare of professional golfers?
  • Laura Davies
    HOW do you stay competitive as a professional golfer?