The Aramco Team Series not only aims to celebrate the very best of women’s professional sport, but also to demonstrate responsibility and deliver value to wider communities.

Sustainability is fundamental to our vision for golf as we promote best practice at events within the Kingdom and internationally, aligning our actions with Golf Saudi’s Green Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our strategy addresses a raft of sustainability topics, including climate impacts, with a blueprint for consistent integration into event staging, combined with support for local projects that help communities protect and enhance their environments; and with an overarching approach to the highest measurable standards of climate mitigation.

The Aramco Team Series Sustainability Strategy details the commitment and actions that will be taken across the Series’ four events – initiating in 2021 and scaling in 2022 and beyond - delivered with support from the GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf - a non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring, supporting and recognising sustainability in and through golf around the world.

Closely aligned to the LET Celebrating the Green presented by Dow initiative which champions environmental, climate and community action across women’s golf, we aim to make net positive impacts and showcase innovation across our events.

We recognise that now is a vital time for action, which is why we are setting sights on the key objectives and action areas outlined below, and most notably a blend of measurable emissions reduction with highest standards of climate mitigation; and a comprehensive approach aligned directly to the GEO Sustainable Golf Tournament standard.



    • Taking climate action by reducing and quantifying carbon emissions
    • Restoring ecosystems and sequestration
    • Avoiding single use materials and waste to landfill
    • Providing cleaner energy solutions
    • Promoting accessibility and inclusion
    • Supporting charitable causes

    • Venues – Supporting through the OnCourse sustainability program for site protection, fostering nature, conserving water and energy, and reducing waste
    • Staging - Focal points for innovation through procurement, partnerships, resource management, transportation and infrastructure
    • Legacies - Outreach and multipliers supporting local projects with local partners and driving international value
    • Communications - Engaging partners, staff, spectators and fans alike on the sustainability journey